If you were using Internet Explorer 6 or 7 on a Windows machine or Opera 9, this demo would actually work!
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Input mode


The range input type allows to enter value using a slider:

The code looks like this:

  <input type="range">

This slider is linked to an output field, which displays the numeric value:

The code looks like this:

  <input type="range" name="slider1">
  Value: <output onformchange="this.value = form.slider1.value"></output>

By default, the numeric value of the range control ranges from 0 to 100, with steps of one. This can be changed by setting the min, max and precision attributes.

This slider ranges from 0 to 255, with an initial value of 128:

The tag for the slider control looks like this:

  <input type="range" name="slider2" value="128" min="0" max="255">
Credits: The slider widget is the WebFX Slider Control, written by Erik Arvidsson, slighty adapted to hook into Web Forms 2