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Prefilling a form

When seeding a form a with initial values, it is often easier to supply the date separately from the HTML form controls.

This form is seeded from a separate url:

Your name:

The HTML look like this:

<form data="formdata1.xml">
Your name: <input name=txt1 value="Simsalabim!" type="text">
<button type=submit>Reverse!</button>

The data attributes points to a URL, where the data can be fetched in XML form.

The XML looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<formdata xmlns="uuid:d10e4fd6-2c01-49e8-8f9d-0ab964387e32">
<field name="txt1">Simsalabim!</field>

Often it is more useful to supply the data in the same document.